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Fairy and Tractor


Fairy and Tractor character design project was not only fun but special. The client that I did this project for has a young daughter, who, just learned to read and is in love with writing her own stories. Her short stories are centered around her two characters Tractor and Fairy.  The client wanted me to create his daughters two characters in different poses and angles for her to add to her story. In addition, possibly get a poster printed and a stuffed toy made.

Note: This project I started close to Christmas. I was amazed how creative and unique this gift was for someone he loved so much. I have a huge soft spot for kids and I was honored to help make this gift.

Because of my excitement on this project I had it completed within a few days. During the process of the project I myself falling in love with the characters and their personality’s. I was very satisfied with the end product and had to share just a few of the images.

FairysketchProcess Tractor-excitedredsketch